Daily Yoga

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Beyond techniques and philosophy, Yoga is above all an art of living, the fusion of knowledge and practice. It is a path of holistic self-knowledge, combining physical, energetic, psycho-emotional and spiritual aspects. Yoga allows us little by little to become aware, to strengthen and to weave together our different bodies and levels of consciousness.

Therefore we think that Yoga is not reduced to practical lessons or theoretical readings but needs to be integrated into everyday life and to be adapted to the specificity of each individual.

It is about developing one’s own daily practice, adapted to one’s aspirations, to one’s condition, to the time available. All the readings, courses and classes followed are there to help us bring out this practice in an increasingly autonomous and intuitive way. With modern life and the lack of time, it is important to adopt a « pragmatic » approach in daily yoga and to adapt and align it with our encounters, experiences and own evolution.

This series of articles, called « Daily Yoga », offers elements to integrate this art of living in everyday life and ways to personalize your practice.

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